Best Concrete Cleaner for Oil Stain Removal

Concrete Cleaner for Oil Stain Removal

greace and oil stain

The Best Concrete Cleaner available on the market today for removing tough Oil Stains

TERMINATOR-HSD Concrete Cleaner is remarkably easy to apply. It requires no special handling or protective equipment. It is completely safe for you as well as the environment. No other products on the market including detergents, acids or even other dry concrete cleaners are as strong and effective as TERMINATOR-HSD. We are so sure that it will completely remove the oil stains from your concrete that we offer a 100% money back guarantee. Give TERMINATOR-HSD a try and watch those oil and grease spots disappear. TERMINATOR is concrete cleaning made fast and easy.
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Completely Removes:

check4Motor Oil
check4Hydraulic Fluid
check4Radiator Fluid

before and after concrete cleanergreace and oil stain

Detergents – Just don’t work on oil stains

remove oil from concreteIf you have tried detergent based concrete cleaners then you know that they might remove some of the surface dirt or oil and grease. When you’re done, the deep oil stain remains. This is because of the porous nature of concrete. Even if you scrub all day with a detergent you will never remove the oil and grease that has soaked into the pores of your concrete driveway.  And, the Oil and Grease has a habit of resurfacing as time goes by.

Acid – Unsafe and destroys concrete

Acid-based products are NOT SAFE to use. Acid vapors can cause severe lung damage if breathed. And, acids can eat away the concrete. Moreover they weaken the concrete in a way that makes it easier to stain in the future. Acid-based concrete cleaning products leave behind a bleached-out stain of their own that is much more difficult to correct. And it goes without saying that acid-base cleaners are not especially good for the environment. If you breath the fumes, get them on your hands or in your eyes you are headed to the emergency room.

Safe – Easy – Fast

TERMINATOR-HSD Concrete Cleaner is better than acid-base cleaners at removing oil stains without discoloring the surface. It will not destroy or discolor your concrete or make it susceptible to future stains. TERMINATOR-HSD goes deep into the pores to naturally remove oil stains from concrete leaving behind a like-new appearance.

Environmentaly friendly concrete cleaner for oil spill cleanup
It’s hard to believe that something so powerful is also eco-friendly. Hungry hydrocarbon eating bacteria go to work on oil, grease, diesel, brake fluid and hydraulic fluid to completely remove oil stains from concrete. This makes it not only safe for the environment but actually good for the planet. This is the most environmentally friendly product on the market for moving oil stains from concrete and asphalt.
before and after concrete cleaninggreace and oil stain

Get TERMINATOR-HSD Concrete Cleaner Today & Say Goodbye to Ugly Oils Stains Forever

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30 day guarantee fro complete oil stain removal

30 day concrete cleaning guarantee






Driveway cleaning has never been so easy

Unlike most driveway cleaners there is no need to scrub the oil stains. In fact with Terminator HSD you could do more harm than good.
Many times after people power wash their driveways, some even professionally done, there is still oil stains left behind. Mostly this is because concrete is very porous. If you spill anything on the concrete it will seep deep into and you will not easily get it out. Oils and automotive fluids are no different. One of the best things to do if you have a oil stain, whether its old or new is to use Terminator-HSD. When it comes to driveway cleaning you really can’t get more bang for your buck then you will with this product.

Microorganismbioremediation Commercial use Industrial use Asphalt cleanerEFP Cleaningoil stain removerphoto gallery
Hydrocarbon eating oil stain remover for concrete cleaning Microorganisms are what make Terminator –HSD work so well. There are many oil stain removal products on the market today that are designed for concrete and driveways. The only trouble with most is that they contain only a fraction of microorganisms that Terminator-HSD does.
Bio-remediation is the preferred manner of oil spill cleanup for The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). In the past this has been very costly to business and industry and virtually unavailable to the general public. After boi-remediation products did become available for home use, they were not that strong and most were far too expensive. Today you can have the best of both worlds. Terminator-HSD has more than 7 time the active ingredients as other leading brands and cost about the same as non eco friendly products. Today you can completely remove that oil stain on your home’s driveway and you can do it for about less than detergents or acids thanks to the science of bioremediation and Terminator HSD.
If you have a commercial application requirement we still got you covered. Terminator HST concrete and driveway cleaner comes in many sizes.
10oz – concrete and driveway cleaner
2 lb  is available in asphalt cleaner as well as concrete cleaner
25 lb pale – available in concrete cleaner and soil cleaner
50 lb pale – available in concrete cleaner and soil cleaner
4 pack of of 2 lb jars (8 lbs) -available in asphalt cleaner as well as concrete cleaner
Because of the nature of what Terminator does it is a very popular product for those that deal with oil stains and oil spills. It works well on concrete asphalt driveways and other hard surfaces. It also works very well on dirt and soil. If you have a oil stain in your parking lot you could do a lot worse than treating it with Terminator-HSD. Yes, oil stains tend to never go away as you get one cleaned up another one will come along. But there is always A sense of pride that goes along with cleaning up the oil stains as often as you can. Terminator-HSD makes that easy since there is no scrubbing of any kind required. By simply sprinkling a little bit over the top of AOL stain and then hitting it with a mist of water you could dramatically improve the look of your driveway and parking lot. .
Many factories that use special lubricants and hydraulic fluid will from time to time spill onto the concrete or ground. Other times some factories and industrial businesses use oil grease and other food based hydrocarbons in there production. When this happens and you need a safe and environmental friendly way to clean up Terminator HSD is the solution. Many factories already implement Terminator HSD into their regular regiment of dealing with oil spills.

Yes it works as a great asphalt cleaner too

Terminator HSD well what you may not know is that it all also works very well on asphalt. The only problem is Terminator does not necessarily match the asphalt coloring. Never fear we’ve got you covered.
Terminator HSD asphalt cleaner was released to the market in 2014. It is a specially formulated to match the color of asphalt more or less. It contains the same strong hydrocarbon eating Micro bacteria as its sister product. It is the same strength and will do the job. So if you’ve had a long run of oil spills on the road side in front of your home, in your parking lot or any other asphalt surface terminator HSD asphalt cleaner can make it look good as new.

Environmentally Friendly way to clean oil stains

Most of us are from time to time going to encounter an oil stain on our driveway. If you are environmentally conscious you would be better served to just leave that oil stain on your driveway alone rather than use conventional mechanisms to clean your concrete or stones. Even if you are not especial the Eco friendly type you are pretty conscious that washing oil off your driveway, in to the gutter and down in to the sewer means you are putting that back in to your drinking water. Kind of makes you think right? The best option is to treat the oil stain right where it is at. Terminator-HSD Concrete and driveway cleaner does just that.

Completely remove oil from concrete no mater how old it is

There is no reason for you to live with those ugly oil stains on your driveway anymore. It can do the job quick and easy. Just sprinkle a little bit on the stain add water and watch as it completely removes oil stains from your concrete. No, it doesn’t work instantly. It takes a few days for the micro bacteria to digest the oil and treat the affected area. But since there is no reason to scrub or even treat most stains a second time terminator is a great option 40 oil stain removal.

Best way to remove oil stains on your concrete driveway

Oil Stain on Cocrete Before

Removed Oil Stains fom Concrete

From these photos you can see that many satisfied customers have been seen tremendous results from their using Terminator-HSD. It truly is the best concrete oil stain remover on the market. Even if it wasn’t environmentally friendly it does an amazing job and can not be overlooked. Even acid which is not safe for handling won’t work as well as Terminator on oil stains.
Weather it is a new heating fuel leak in the basement, a hydraulic fluid spill on the cement, a diesel spill in your garage or a motor oil spill on your driveway, Oil Stain on Concrete after Oil Stain on Concrete before  Terminator-HSD has got you covered. It takes under 2 minutes to treat a stain. After a few day you will notice the oil stains begin to fade until they are completely gone.
small oil stain removed on drivewaysmall oil stain on drivewayOld stains and new are no match for the strong hydrocarbon eating ingredients in Terminator-HSD. So before you spend hundreds of dollars on concrete steamers or on high pressure washing, give Terminator-HSD a try.


Unlike detergents, TERMINATOR-HSD does not wash the oil and grease off of your driveway and down into the sewer. It actually goes to work where the oil stain exists and begins to eat and digest the Petroleum Hydrocarbons. This biological process leaves behind water and carbon dioxide.
The term for this process is bioremediation, and is favored by the Environmental Protection Agency for removing oil from parking lots, driveways, gas stations, commercial equipment yards and industrial properties. Chances are, some of the establishments near your home have used this petroleum-eating-microorganism based product to bioremediate oil stains on concrete, asphalt, gravel and soil. Today, this bacteria is available for residential use. It contains the original strength that you would find for our commercial customers. You might think that something so strong wouldn’t be safe for handling. In fact, it is completely safe to handle. You can treat your driveway, concrete or asphalt without any special protection or gloves.
Oil field spill bioremedationAbout 45 years ago, it was discovered that bacteria exist that eat and digest Petroleum Hydrocarbons in oil fields around the world. Scientists discovered that Mother Nature had created a better product for removing oil than man ever could. It is only recently that this product has been made available in a concentrated form to treat oil stains on concrete and asphalt.
This is the same strength that you would find in our commercial product line only in smaller packaging that makes it the perfect size for a home driveway cleaner. After it is applied to an oil stain it penetrates and digest the petroleum and leaves behind elements that are beneficial for the environment. No other type of concrete cleaner for oil stain removal can make such a claim. Even other dry concrete cleaners do not have the power of TERMINATOR-HSD.

No other dry concrete cleaning product can make these claims. That is why we are so confident that you will love TERMINATOR-HSD. Try it for 30 days if you’re not 100% satisfied just return the unused portion for a full refund.
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