May 25, 2018
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Best concrete cleaner for oil stain removal


Just received a post from another satisfied customer that had all but given up on getting the oil stain out of their concrete driveway.  It really is not a new tale; we have heard the basics over and over again.  As we all have had problem cars, kids, and husbands that will make messes on our concrete.  But it does please me to be able to share with our other customers that the best oil stain removal for concrete Terminator, is living up to its name.


See the post below: from a satisfied customer of best oil stain removal for concrete Terminator


best oil remover on concrete Terminator

List of all the stains the best oil remover on concrete Terminator removes

I just want to say thanks you have saved me hundreds if not thousands of dollars, my husband is a backyard mechanic, and in other words he leaves his mark with oil stains on my concrete driveway, quite often.


When I go on the war path he will try to get the oil stains up, but of course, in the past nothing really worked all that good, and he had to spend hours scrubbing to get any results at all.


I had a friend stop by my house one day, and she saw the wreck of a driveway I had.  She was so cute wanting to let me know how to get the oil stains removed without offending me.  She hemmed and hawed around it for a few minuets, until she finally came right out and said she knew of a product that would remove all of the oil stains from the concrete and that I would not be able to tell where they had been when it was done.


I have to say she was wrong about not being able to tell where the stains were.  I can tell every where that we applied the Terminator HSD, but just because, it is cleaner then the rest of the driveway.  Thus I am going to put a light application of it over my entire concrete driveway so that it will be uniformly clean.


Oil Stain on Cocrete Before

before Terminator

I live in a fairly dry part of the United States, so I did mist the spots with water about every other day.  It took a little while, and to be honest at first I was really not impressed, we do live in a time that we seem to expect instant gratification.  This product while it is not instant and you don’t really notice the difference day to day, works great.  One day it was a horrible ugly stain and each day it did get better until it looked better than the rest of the driveway.


I even told my boss about the product Terminator HSD, and we use it in our parking lot at work.  He was so appreciative that I got a bonus.  I didn’t know that the oil in the parking lot did damage to the asphalt, but he explained by being able to remove the oil, he would be able to put off replacing the asphalt for quite a long time.  He has it applied every month.


Removed Oil Stains fom Concrete

after Terminator

I wanted to write to you so that you let people know that if they use the best concrete cleaner for oil stain removal Terminator, that they need to give it some time, but that it would end up impressing them as it has impressed me.  So thank you for providing me with a great product that really does what it claims.


Mallary  Ricker

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