May 25, 2018

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Are you tired of using harsh chemicals or dangerous machines to get the oil or grease stains out of your concrete, asphalt, pavers, and stone?  Are you looking for eco friendly cleaning products that work on concrete, and I mean really work get all of the nasty oil stains out?  Check out this video and see how dangerous steam cleaners can be


The high cost of renting or buying machines (steam cleaners) to get the oil and grease stains out of concrete makes it somewhat prohibitive.  But the real kicker is you really need to have protective gear and be very careful when using a steam cleaner as there can be accidents.  The burns from a steam cleaner are nothing to joke about.  Not only are these very painful but can leave horrible scars.  You also need to be careful about where the children and animals are when using this.


When using toxic chemicals, you still need to wear protective gear, and the chemicals degrade the surfaces you are using them on.  Not only that but the toxic chemicals gets into the soil and ground water.

 Eco friendly cleaning products we use everyday

Now I know that you are thinking that while eco friendly cleaning products are not the best at getting things clean.  And you are right; most eco friendly cleaning products just don’t work as well as you hope.  They get some of the stains out but not all of them, and this is with using a lot of elbow grease.  I don’t know about you but it makes me hopping mad when I spend the extra time and hard work to clean something and then it doesn’t work the way it has promised.  However there are some that work better then using toxic chemicals and steam cleaners.


The best eco friendly gleaning products use biotechnology.  Biotechnology means using things from nature. Think of it this way when cleaning your coffee pot nothing works better than running vinegar through it.  Now you can use chemicals, but I always worry that I don’t get all of the residue out and wonder if I am poisoning my family.  With vinegar I never worry about it.  This is just one example of how we use biotechnology in our everyday life and never even think about it.

 Eco friendly cleaning products to clean concrete Terminator HSD

There is a great eco friendly cleaning product for cleaning concrete on the market, Terminator HSD concrete cleaner.  It uses bioremediation to get fresh and years old stains out.  Bioremediation basically is a

eco friendly cleaning products

eco friendly cleaning products

biotechnology product.  The powder consumes the petroleum molecules,  leaving behind a surface that will be free of all petroleum stains.

 How easy it is to use Terminator HSD an eco friendly cleaning product

Easy to use, just spread light amount of Terminator HSD powder on the stain,  take a broom and brush the Terminator HSD powder from all directions to get it deep into the pores of the surface you are treating.  Concrete is very porous, therefore it has a lot of nook and crannies.  If you live in a humid climate you can stop right there if you want and walk away, or you can do what those of us do in a dry climate which is to take a spray bottle filled with plain water and lightly mist the Terminator HSD powder just to give it a jump start to eating the nasty oil and grease stains.  Now it is done.  No messy cleanup afterwards. You will see the stains fading more and more each day.  I like to take a picture of how bad it was when I started so that I can see it working.  For more information you can go to

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