May 25, 2018
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Home Remodeling for the Holidays


Holidays are coming and is your home all set to receive guests, handle parties and celebrate holiday with you? Holidays are meant to create happy memories in a beautiful home. It’s the time of the year when you dress up your home with colorful and bright decorations, lights and set it with alluring holiday themes. All of us want to impress our holiday guests but mostly, some don’t know how to start remodeling their homes to make it more Holiday-ready. Well, let me share you these few simple steps that could make all the difference.

Got filthy exteriors? It’s nothing when you have a new paint job. Everything turns new and beautiful when you restores it’s colors. Hence, a new paint job will surely make a wonderful holiday look for your home. Choose colors that will create a holiday festive look that guests will surely love. If got no money or time to get a new paint then power washing and cleaning will do the trick. Just make sure to clean the concrete exteriors with a reliable concrete cleaner and you can easily refresh the old color and make it livelier. Old color still looks pretty just avoid it to be dirty and stained so clean it and you’re set.

Clean the Bathroom – It’s a Must

Guests will more likely to use your guests’ bathroom at home so better to clean it before the holiday arrives. Wash the tiles and scrub it. For heavier stains then a concrete cleaner will do good on that. Put away all the clutter inside the bathroom and make sure to fill it with toiletries essentials such as hand soap, tissue paper and more. Don’t forget to spray some bathroom deodorizer and fragrant as well.

Give your guests a nice place to stay and hang-out. Keep all the rubbish, clutter and other unnecessary stuff in your living room. If possible, you can just keep all other stuff in your extra room or in the garage and just dispose them after the holidays. Move furniture if it can give way to more room for the parties and make sure to provide proper seats for the guests with comfortable and clean sheets to keep them cozy on their whole stay. If you get old and rusty metal or wooden chairs, then have them repainted or replenished to look more appealing.

No need for MAJOR Changes

Home remodeling to make your home ripe for the holidays doesn’t require major construction. Just a few simple tasks that you can do over the weekend can make a big improvement. Sometimes, you’re not required to give out lots of money and you just need to keep your home as clean and as presentable as you can.

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