May 25, 2018
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All About Home Remodeling Permits


If you plan to conduct a minor or major home reconstruction, of the things you need to settle aside from your plan, budget, contractor and patience is the building permit. Getting a permit from your municipality is a must before starting any home upgrade to provide safety and to protect the public as well. It’s part of legal requirements and whether you like it or not, every homeowner should comply.

 How to get the permit?

The usual process of obtaining a proper and legal building permit is to visit your Municipality’s Engineering office and fill out some forms. Together with your complete building plan with detailed projects you opt to do, you’ll submit these forms to them. When they all agreed with your plans and when your projects comply with the codes then they’ll issue you your permit and there, you can go on with your home upgrades process.

 What to expect upon receiving building permit?

Once you have received your permits, you can now start your construction at home. However, it’s not the end of everything and actually, it just the start. Upon receiving the permit, expect that the authority will visit your project before, during and even after the remodeling process. They need to ensure that in the entire process, you are using the right materials and you are following the proper building techniques, not just for your safety but also for the safety of everybody.

What are the consequences of not securing a permit?

Any major construction of even minor remodeling projects done without permit is against the law and with that being said, going against it means you need to face the some consequences. Violators will be penalized and penalty includes additional costs on your part, hassle and more wasted time. Plus if your construction annoys your cranky neighbors, they’ll report you and more penalties will be given to you. So, to enjoy a fuss-free home reconstruction, just secure all the required permits and you’ll live peacefully.


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