May 25, 2018
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How to improve Security for Senior Citizens


For homes with senior citizens living in it, one of the major concerns is how they can improve the security in able to make the house more friendly to the elders. For those who have the same concerns and issues, here are some tips on how you can safe keep your seniors at home and give them a much more comfortable life on their remaining time.

Maintain your Home Seniors-Friendly

  1. When the seniors can still do things on their own then safety measures would be much easier but if they couldn’t walk or go to the bathroom alone then you should consider these additional factors.
  1. Make the entire home wider and much larger so they can move freely and easier. Don’t let any furniture blocking the way so they don’t need to lift any heavy stuff before they can accomplish what they want to do. Keep they away from the barges and blocking that will give them difficulty in maneuvering inside the house.
  1. Put their needs within reach. Don’t give our senior citizens a hard time getting their stuff or reaching things that they need. Put them all within their reach so they don’t need additional help from the rest of you at home. When they don’t struggle too much, chances of having incidents will be avoided as well. Their medicines should just be near where they usually stay and the kitchen utensils should be available when they need it.

Avoid accidents as much as you can

  1. Clean the floors all the time to avoid slip incidents. Our elders are now not capable of walking properly without help from others. Some experience illnesses with their bones as well hence we should always keep all the walkways dry and clean for them to experience a much easier walking experience. The concrete floors should be cleaned with an oil concrete cleaner to be ensured free from oil blotches that can cause slippery surfaces.
  1. Install security kits at home. To ensure that our oldies will be much kept safe at our homes, it’s quite a nice idea to install security kits and system at home. This is much helpful especially if we can’t see them all the time. With a nicely installed security system, you can still secure them even you are not there physically. This will also call attention to everyone when unfortunate incidents happen.

Keeping your home more secured for our elders is not that hard because in just simple and basic ways we can make sure that our love seniors are living a comfortable life without putting them in any danger.

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