June 22, 2018
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How to keep Child Safe From Concrete Floors?


Concrete flooring is durable, versatile, easy cared and cheap compared to other construction materials. For that reason, homeowners always choose concrete when it comes to their home’s flooring and undoubtedly, they are making the right choice. Notwithstanding, problems arise when they start to be concern about the safety of their kids. In all honesty, concrete surfaces at home are all not child-friendly. Little ones get mostly hurt through incidents connected to the concrete surfaces and how can you avoid this? Are you willing to give the quality up of your home for the defense of your kids? I hope not because there are some preventive measures you can practice in able to live a rugged home with no accidents to expect at all.

How can kids be safe from concrete?

Keep the concrete floors and other surfaces clean and dry all the time. Incidents like falling and tripping were caused mostly by poorly-maintained concrete surface. When concrete is wet or covered with oil stains and dirt, it tends to be more slippery than usual and this causes the mishaps. Thus, if you keep an eye on a puddle on the concrete or always clean it from stubborn stains and rubbish then you can snug your kids and you can let them play barefoot and not panicky.

For sealed and painted concrete floors, putting a mat, carpet or rugs on the surface will help you lessen chances of tripping. Especially the kids that keep on running and jumping like there’s no tomorrow. Putting covers will help you keep it clean and protected thusly; you don’t have to clean it more than the usual. Also, covered concrete surfaces tend to be less hazardous for falling accident. You’re making it softer and more child-friendly.

Keeping the concrete floors and surfaces is one of the most essential steps in making it safe not just for the kids but even for the elders and the rest of the household. With that, maintaining it dry, clean and flawless is important not just only to make it look alluring and fresh but also to avoid incidents when it becomes to slippery because of dirt.

To protect your youngsters from any illnesses caused by the cold weather, avoid putting them directly on the concrete surfaces. Remember that concrete tends to be colder than any other home surfaces like wood hence, putting them on it would cause harm to your kids. When you want to let them sleep on the floor, make sure to put thick covers such as comforter, bed foam or rubberized mats. These will help lessen the cool temperature the concrete encloses.

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