June 22, 2018
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Keep the Soil Healthy, Keep the Garden Lovely


Acquiring your own soil garden is such an essential task to accomplish. Creating one is a difficult task and maintaining it is even more effort-inducing responsibility. Hence, some homeowners chose to just not have any garden or lawns at home at all. To save from the responsibility of tidying it up and spend time for the regular maintenance. However, what we don’t know is that keeping a garden fine is easy once we were able to keep the soil healthy and clean. When the soil is bounty and saved, keeping the garden still is much easier and lesser effort is required of you.

Here are the simple tips on how to save your soil and keep it healthy, fine and very well.

  1. Avoid using harsh chemicals that might affect the existence of microorganisms in soil. These little workers are very essential in maintaining the health of the soil and the use of chemicals from pesticides and insecticides kill these microorganisms as well. This results to unhealthy and useless soil in your garden or backyard. Hence, the secret to healthy oil ecosystem is to let these microorganisms live fully and the soil will be bounty.

Sometimes, the cleaner that we use for our concrete surfaces such as driveways for examples can also affect the soil. When you have driveways near the garden and you use chemical-rich concrete cleaners, the solutions sometimes being dragged into the soil as well. When you rinse the concrete, the cleaner together with the water is being absorbed by the soil resulting into unbalanced soil ecosystem. With that being said, even it affects the soil indirectly, avoid using chemical concrete cleaners as well. Better opt for dry concrete cleaners that use microorganisms and not hazardous substances in getting rid of oil stains and other concrete blemishes.

  1. Never disturb the natural soil structure. Most often than not, people believed that working on wet soil is better since it’s easier to maneuver. Landscaping is easier when the soil is not dry and stubborn. However, all these that we practice are wrong. Once we work on wet soil, we are disturbing it’s natural structure. When we do this, the soil turns into a brick when it dries and that structure is very bad for the plants hence it will result to the death of our garden.
  1. Stop too much stepping on the soil. One of the issues that avoid the soil from being healthy is being compacted and this is due to much stepping that human do. To build a better garden, better to create driveways, pathways, walkways or whatever you want to call them. These will be the proper place to step on and not onto the soil. This will also be helpful not to destroy plants and flowers once they are already planted into your garden.
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