May 25, 2018
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What are the Parent’s Role in Child’s Safety?


When we say “Child’s Safety” , to whom is this responsibility? Do the parents should engulf the entire role of protecting their kids or this should be passed to the nannies, grandparents or older brothers and sisters? Do we get an award when we kept kids safe and sound inside our homes, at school and at their play spaces?

Well, keeping a child safety at all times is merely not a sole responsibility of whomever, but it’s a fact that the big part of it should be handled by the parents. Though, parents should not always be on the go when it’s about the safety of their kids because most often than not, these kids can protect themselves if and only if their parents will be set as good safety models. Yes, you heard it right. By being a good model, you can bring your kids into a safer ground and by showing them right things to do they will tend to copy it and from there, all-around safety at home will start.

Your Responsibility as a Parent

As a parent, you should be your kids’ own role model when it comes to safety and security. With that being said, you are expected to regularly review safety issues and rules at home. When you get the chance, give your kids quiz-like review questions so they will be mindful of the same safety measures they should be doing when emergencies happen. Always tell them to remember their names and their addresses and also the most right way to ask help like for example, a call to 911.

If you’re tall then you probably see your home in a different way compared to your 3-feet tall kids. Hence, it’s always better to always look at your house as how your little ones see it. Consider following escape routes and emergency ways that are child-friendly. Avoid those that they would need to neither climb huge spaces nor jump onto something dangerous for their small ages. Consider them and what they are capable of doing, always.

Keeping your kids safe

Keeping your kids safe at the vicinity of your own home is such a very big responsibility on your shoulders. But remember that your kids are little and young but they are competent to do baby steps to keep safe themselves. All you need to do it to give them the initial to learn what they need to know and be a good model to them, with that the rest will follow.


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