May 25, 2018
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How to Save Water in Your Garden?


Water is one of the precious nature’s gift to us humankind and it’s a reality that without water, we could all die. However, even knowing this thing, some of us are still laid back in using water and according to study almost 40% of water was being wasted in our garden.  When we waste water, we only don’t waste the nature’s grant but we also waste our money for we pay not an ample amount for our water usage. Fortunately, we’re still lucky that we can still cut down on the amount of water we use. Using these water-saving tips below, we can save our Mother Earth and our pockets as well.

When is the best time to water the plants in the garden?

Morning is the best time of the day to water the garden because the temperature is still cooler hence you can minimize evaporation. With that, you can make sure that the water will soak into the soil completely and no waste will be made evaporating into the air. Night time is quite ok as well however; doing this might increase the chance of growing fungus in your plants.

Make use of decent and reliable sprinklers

Sprinklers are helpful in watering the lawn and garden but without proper management it can aid in too much water wastage. Adjust it so you’ll only water the plants and the grasses, never the driveway or your neighbor’s place. Also, avoid using it during windy season since the air blows the water into inappropriate areas.

Maximize the use of rain water

Rain water is a good source of untreated water or water that hasn’t been treated with any chemicals. You can put this in good use as well and perfect for cleaning the driveway, the garden or washing cars. Hence, to save lots of water, make a rain barrel that will collect and keep water from the rain fall. In this way, you can save lots of money from the rain with no additional hazardous elements as well.

Don’t waste water

This is the first and the most important rule in conserving water. Don’t overwater the plants because you are not just only wasting water but you are also wrecking your crops and the entire garden. Grasses only need to be watered once up to twice a week so they’ll outgrow their roots deeper into the soil to find the moisture. You are making their roots stronger by simply following this water system. So, you are hitting two birds with one stone. You are keeping your garden safe and your money saved as well.


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