May 25, 2018
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Small DIY Projects to Make Use of Your Free time Wisely


Vacations are nice, especially if you are capable of using your free time more effectively. How can you use your time properly, anyway? Do you have to buy new reads and read books all throughout the vacation? Run around the village or visit friends and relatives in other side of the city? Well, sometimes you don’t have to spend a single penny to make your time counts. Usually, all you have is your creative juices and sit around the corner making them work to produce your DIY projects.

Here are some of the projects you can do at home with no money required plus the kids could help you out.

  1. Paper mache

Papers are the usual rubbish at home especially those that came from your paper works in the office, old paper scratches of the kids at school and more. Most of the time, these paper pieces tend to be in the trash but this time, we’ll use of our free time plus these papers. Find certain patterns in the internet on how to make a paper mache project. As a beginner, you could start first with picture frames, simple figures and with proper practice, you’ll surely improve. You don’t need money here and make use of the almost-waste paper instead.

  1. Paint Scribbles

Kids like to write anything and sometimes they do on the walls and surfaces of our house. We get angry when they do this, right? But why? This is their own way of expressing their artistic side so instead of stopping them, encourage them more to do more of those scribbles. Get the old paints in the garage and let them draw their feelings out on the walls and floors of their rooms. This will serve as their DIY painted wallpapers. Just make sure to clean the concrete surfaces with an oil concrete cleaner to ensure that no oil particles will block the paint from sticking on the surface. Clean them first to be more paint-friendly.

  1. Sew, sew, sew.

Got little skills in sewing? Well, make use most of it during your free time. Get those extra textiles you have at home and sew for mini DIY projects such as handkerchiefs, headbands for little girls and up to pillowcases, table runners and more. You will surely enhance your skills through these projects and you’ll create nice pieces that you can give as gifts to your friends and relatives too. A true nice way of spending your time wisely and cheaply.

When you get free time, make sure that you’ll use it to produce or create something that will benefit you and many people. Of course, it will be better as well if you’ll do it with no money need to be spent.

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