May 25, 2018
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How to Start your Dream Garden?


Before creating your garden, you should bring your design plan into the world. You cannot make it real if you can’t visualize it in the first place. And the most convenient way to start it is to get hold of the plants you would to use in your garden.

Knowing what plants will work in your place is not an easy thing. You must do a thorough research and make yourself familiar with the varieties of annuals and perennials plant that will grow best in your garden. Be the know-it-all when it comes to plants and in that way, you’ll create an area in your backyard that will keep blooming, alluring and colorful all year round.

After putting an end to plants, grasses, mosses and flowers, you’ll now have to consider the extra stuff that will definitely complete the beautiful look of your garden. The mulches, borders, stepping stones and other garden accents will act as your accessories. You must create a wonderful colorful palette that will suit your taste and with these garden accents, you are free to create your own combination of colors and designs.

How to Start your Dream Garden

When setting up your garden, it’s very important to keep the balance of the entire area. Don’t overdo the other and undo some. Treat your garden as your home and decorate it room by room to keep the over-all look appealing and not confusing.

How to Color Your Garden

Colors play a big role as well in creating your dream garden and you’ll achieve not by planting plants wherever you want to. You need a color scheme here and decide whether you want an Analogous scheme where all the colors are of the same color family or the complementary scheme that uses opposite hues or if you want the Polychromatic scheme that uses varieties of colors and styles. The choice is absolutely yours.

In addition to all these preps and plans in creating your dream home garden is to ask advice from the professional if needed. Don’t get overwhelmed with your capabilities of creating your own garden and dodge professional advice since their words can change everything into something better. Listen to them especially if you have some technical concerns like irrigation system, landscaping, growing plants and more. This is for the better of your dream garden and they are into it as well.

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