June 22, 2018

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HT Professional Cleaning Technicians was the fruit of a passionate group that believed there was a better way to handle oil cleaning that didn’t kill the planet. That passion drove them to find and test many products on the market today in the hope that they would find a better way to clean up oil stains and do it without harming the environment.

This site is entirely dedicated to providing consumers with the information and resources they need to clean up oil and hydrocarbons on asphalt, concrete, driveways and soils around there home or business. More over we want people to know that there are environmentally friendly solution available at a price not so different than the non eco friendly options.

We are constantly seeking out other solutions to similar problems. If your business provides a consumer based environmentally friendly product we would encourage you to contact us. We are happy to review your product and help you bring customer awareness to it.

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